September 2009

JuanCabasosIt is with great honor and extreme excitement that I write my first President’s Letter to the membership. Before I continue, I must recognize our Past President, Dan Pedrotti and his Board.

Dan’s administrative and corporate skills have brought our society to compliance with our bylaws. Two of Dan’s major contributions to the society is that he formed a new Scholarship Board and the Don Boyd Continuing Education Fund, which is now the Don Boyd Endowment Fund. I greatly thank Dan for his efforts and realize I have big shoes to fill.

A lot was accomplished by the CCGS Board and Committee Members this summer. The committees Chairpersons are in place for the up coming year.

Academic Liaison, Owen Hopkins, got national recogization at the AAPG meeting in Denver for his efforts of Maps in Schools. Also, Owen has appeared three times in the local media for his part in teaching elementary teachers and talking to students about fossils.

We will be seeking funds to continue our community involvements. I realize that to keep our normal method of operating during this economy we will have to live within our means. I still would like to continue pushing our major projects — College Scholarships, Maps in Schools, Bones in Schools and Boulders in Schools.

I invite and encourage all CCGS members to attend the Kickoff BBQ on Wednesday, September 16th. This is truly a great time and offers us a chance to visit and catch up with our fellow geologists. We have a change of venue, our new meeting place is the remodeled BBQ Man Cantina located off of IH37 and Navigation. Don’t forget to bring your significant other.

Upcoming events are:
September 16 – BBQ Kickoff at the BBQ Man
September 27 – 29 – GCAGS Convention in Shreveport
October 18 – Bones in Schools Ribbon Cutting at the Northwest Library
This fall – One day Field Trip lead by Dr. Jim Garrison and coordinated by Randy Bissell.

Juan N. Cabasos
CCGS President 2009 – 2010