September 2007

JeffCobbsWelcome to the 2007-2008 CCGS year. I look forward to all the camaraderie, and who knows, maybe we might learn something from the highly talented luncheon speakers!

We have a great preliminary line up of guest speakers, climaxing with Mr. Red McCombs at the final luncheon on May 21, 2008. Thanks to Juan Cabasos, the new CCGS Vice President, and Randy Bissell, the new CBGS Vice President, for putting all this together.

I would like to take time to show appreciation for our new president elect, Dan Pedrotti and our new Secretary Beth Priday. Of course, I would like to especially offer the societies gratitude to all the many continuing officers, editors, committees and chairpersons, special projects, AAPG delegates and people who have donated their time generously over and over to support our geological society and our entire community.

Allow me to briefly point out and commend one of the hardest working retired guys I know, Professor Owen Hopkins, our past President, who has made an astounding effect on education and many various scientific arenas. His local “Maps in School Project” has grown from local to national, and it now is on the threshold of a world wide project. To date locally there has been at least sixteen companies and thirty-six individuals who have donated $17,838, plus money from the Don Boyd fund, to support this project. The money has gone towards putting these maps in eighty-seven schools and numerous private offices and homes. Besides Owens own extraordinary number of school presentations, he has inspired fifteen other CCGS members to give map presentations to schools. To see how this educational program is progressing or to display your prospects, visit our web site at

I think recognition should be given to all the volunteers associated with the up and coming GCAGS Convention in Corpus Christi. Special thanks to Gloria Sprague, this year’s GCAGS President, along with the General CO-Chairmen Brent Hopkins and Dan Pedrotti, who along with all the numerous volunteers have put together the venue for the convention. Spot your calendars for this event, October 21-23, you can register at

I hope one and all can attend the kick off Bar-B-Q, featuring prime Angus beef and spirits, on September 6, 2007 5:30-8:00 PM at the Museum of Natural Science and History.

Jeff Cobbs
President Corpus Christi Geological Society