Sebastian Wiedmann

SebastianMarchHaving graduated a half a year early from Santa Barbara High School in California (1966) I immediately started school at Santa Barbara City College, a local junior college. I thought I was cool going to a school that allowed you to smoke in the student union. Well, after a couple of semesters studying mostly how to party (it was California after all in the late sixties), I found out I did not like school and school did not like me.
I spent the next few years traveling and working at whatever job I could get to make the most money with as little responsibility as possible. I traveled in Europe and lived back east for a year.
With a few years of working at almost anything (car wash, waiter, and small engine mechanic) under my belt, I decided to try school again. Thinking that it probably was my last chance to make it in society I moved back to Santa Barbara, California, and I started back to school at Santa Barbara City College. Ah yes, what to take? Strangely enough I have to credit my mother for suggesting a geology class. She said that the class took a week long field trip, camping out and looking at rocks each semester. Now fate took over, I took interesting and eye opening classes from Mr. Dave Williams, Dr. Bob Gray and Dr. Ralph Higgins geologists who love camping and looking at rocks. I continued my education and love of geology at the University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of Texas at Arlington.
In school I met great teachers and fellow students who have become life long friends, and we still like camping and looking at rocks.

Sebastian Wiedmann – Geologist