October 2014

Thanks to all the CCGS volunteers and the staff of Howard’s BBQ we had another successful Annual Kickoff Event. I hope everyone enjoyed the new venue, and had a chance to catch-up with friends and colleagues. Thank you to Baker for sponsoring the “refreshments” and Core Lab for sponsoring our students. It was great to see everyone. I love this time of year. The dog days of summer are over, and I finally have spent some time enjoying the perks of living in South Texas. My shotgun barrel has been warm for the first time in a long while, and I managed to have a few successful days of fishing mixed in. The kiddos are back in school and keeping my wife and I busy with all of their extra-curricular activities. Never a dull moment.


We have lots of things happening this month. Our Luncheon meeting will be October 15th. Kenneth E. Williams from Halliburton will be giving us a talk on Barostratigraphy. For all you students, completed scholarship applications are due October 18th. The scholarship committee will be announcing recipients at the November meeting. The Oilman’s Tennis Tournament is October 10th and 11th. Finally, the 64th Annual GCAGS convention is in Lafayette, LA October 5-7, 2014. I encourage everyone to attend, especially those who have volunteered to be a part of GCAGS 2016 right here in Corpus Christi. Once a week, on my favorite social media website, I receive a post outlining the weeks major discoveries in science and technology. It is some of my favorite reading material of the week. The articles are entertaining and are typically from one of the many weekly science journals. It is a reminder to keep challenging myself. People just like you and I are out there on the frontiers of science. The Oil and Gas Industry is one of the avenues. It is a great challenge to stay on top of the learning curve while focused on the task at hand. I wish everyone the best of luck.


Leighton Devine
CCGS President 2014 – 2015