November 2009

JuanCabasosFirst and foremost, I would like to thank Rick Paige for writing last month’s President’s letter. To all the other officers and chairpersons, beware I might kindly ask you to write a President’s letter too. Also stepping in for me was Brent Hopkins who represented the CCGS at the GCAGS convention.

I want everyone to know about my new friend, Mr. Ford, that is Mr. Eagle Ford to you and me. It is really hard for me to make the cross over from conventional sandstone reservoirs to unconventional reservoirs, but that is what is feeding my family today.

I’ve read several articles about the Eagle Ford, and they are split pro vs. con. From my view, I know that there is a lot of drilling and a lot of core analysis. I know that mineral owners are getting from $350 to $1500 per acre, depending on where your property is located. What I don’t know are the production rates and commercial guidelines.

An Eagle Ford article in the Houston Chronicle (06-Oct-2009) stated that the break even point is $3.88/mcf. On that day the New York Mercantile Exchange was at $4.99/mcf, but the well head price was under $3.00/mcf. The City of Corpus Christi charged me $3.85/mcf on my September bill. One thing is for sure, I’ll ride this ride as long as I can.

Our Society is getting some well deserved recognition, both locally and in the Gulf Coast. Locally Owen Hopkins has been either on the television or the newspaper concerning his projects in schools. Alan Costello ran the CCGS Dig at Bayfest and reports that about 400 children visited the sand box. Brent Hopkins gave the CCGS report at the GCAGS convention, which was very well received due to our community involvement.

Currently we have 278 active members and 14 students. These are the Active Membership requirement:

Active Membership – In order to be eligible for active membership a person must (1) have a degree in geology or one of the earth sciences and be directly engaged in the application of Geology, or (2) presently engaged in or have been engaged in the application of geology or one of the earth sciences for the preceding five years. Any retired person qualified for active membership before retirement shall also qualify for active membership.

If you know someone who could be a member, ask them to join.

We had tentatively thought about a one day Coastal Field Trip in October, but due to everyone’s schedule, April 2010 is more a reality. We will conduct a survey at an upcoming luncheon to assess who would be interested in a one day Coastal trip verse a two day Hill Country trip.

Juan N. Cabasos
CCGS President 2009 – 2010