May 2010

JuanCabasosAs I write this letter, the AAPG is in full swing in New Orleans. Our AAPG delegates are Owen Hopkins and Dennis Moore. Dennis Moore reports that they have a robust attendance. Owen and Dennis will be pitching the Ice Age activity book to the AAPG Board with the hope that the AAPG will be responsible for distributing this project nationally.

The GCAGS will have a Mid-Year meeting on April 30th and the 60th Annual Convention will be in San Antonio on October 10 – 12, 2010. For those who think ahead the 2011 convention will be in Veracruz Mexico and the 2012 will be Austin.

The Hill Country Field Trip that Dr. Jim Garrison and Randy Bissell will lead is scheduled for late October or early November. It will be a three day trip with Marble Falls being our home base and the cost will be around $500 per person.

In reviewing our Constitution and Bylaws, I see some room for updates. Next year’s Board will more than likely have to make some amendments.

On Wednesday April 7th I anxiously waited for the EOG Analyst Conference Webcast, and the number I wanted most was how many barrels of oil they estimated. They have 505,000 arces leased in the oil leg of the Eagle Ford and their Net After Royalty was 900 MMboe!

This is my last letter as President, and I can truly tell you that I am proud and joyfully to have served as your President.

Juan N. Cabasos
CCGS President 2009-2010