Jeff Cobbs

JeffCobbsFebI began my career in the oil patch as an engineer with Mobil oil after graduating from college with an electrical engineering degree. After several years, and several employers later, I decided I would go back to college in search of a new job career.
I chose petroleum geology as a profession because I heard that was where the big chips in the oil industry could be found, and the work was plentiful. I was told that it all started with the geologist that came up with an idea where oil and gas might be found. The geological idea gave a land man a job to get the minerals leased, then a lawyer a job to render a drill site title opinion, then a engineer to drill and complete the well, then a CPA to count the money, and on down stream to the rest of the world.
I went back to college a second time in 1982 at the age of twenty-seven, I graduated from college in 1984 with a bachelors degree and began my quest in my new geological profession. My first efforts started in Corpus Christi working for a number of independents. My dream of becoming independent myself didn’t take long because in 1986 I lost my job due to the drop in oil prices. That year I put my first geologic prospect together, and with the help of a free lease, sold the prospect for cash and an overriding royalty. We drilled my first discovery well, and I have been an independent geologist ever since.
After thirty years, I still believe petroleum geology, along with the thrill of the chase for oil and gas, to be a great profession.

Jeff Cobbs