December 2007

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Please give a big thanks to all the countless CCGS & CBGS members who volunteered their precious time in making the 2007 GCAGS annual convention here in Corpus a total success. Total recorded attendees was 1190. Special thanks to General Co- Chairmen Dan Pedrotti & Brent Hopkins, also GCAGS President Gloria Sprague, my Technical Program Co-Chairs Jennifer Smith-Engle & Randy Bissell , Technical Paper Editor Wayne Croft, Dan Neuberger, Global Forum Co-Ordinator Bill Maxwell, Paul Strunk, Bob Rice, Short Course Co-Ordinator Rick Paige, Juan Cabasos, Jeff Cobbs, Larry Billingley, Owen Hopkins, Beth Priday, Poster Chairs Sara Venable & Leighton Devine, Kendall Thomas, Sara Potter- Miller, Ed Egger , Dawn Bissell , Alan Costello, Pete Graham, Sebastion Weidmann, etc., etc for organizing such a fun and informative convention.

On the SEG front its noteworthy that the SEG now counts 26,000 members in over 130 countries worldwide and to that end the SEG has now formally decided to open offices in Beijing, Peoples Republic of China and Perth, Australia. Also of importance is that the SEG has launched an advanced modeling forum ( called SEAM ) open to the industry.

The SEAM mission is to advance the science and technology of applied geophysics through a cooperative industry effort focused on subsurface model construction and generation of synthetic data sets for geophysical problems of importance to the resource extraction industry. Data sets, after an initial two years of confidentiality, will enter the public domain.

The primary goals of SEAM are to:

Design and generate synthetic model 3D and 2D seismic data
Share the high cost effort of substantial model design and generation
Provide a forum to discuss geophysical problems of interest
Advance the art of modeling and computation
Provide data sets for industry benchmarks and educational purposes

SEAM Phase I commenced on 1 March 2007. Additional participants are welcome.

To request a model contract, please contact Katie Burk at

Tony Moherek
CBGS President 2007-2008