December 2006

OwenDecemberThe Maps in School Project 2006-2007 is well underway with 20 schools receiving the maps— see pictures in this bulletin of the students at some schools in Corpus Christi and also in Palacios, Texas.

I traveled with Bill and Marjorie Walraven to San Antonio last week to attend the South Texas Geological Society luncheon and to promote some sales of our book— Wooden Rigs- Iron Me. I introduced the Walraven’s and reminded the STGS members that the book was not just about Corpus Christi but about the history of all South Texas oil and gas activities. The CCGS is remembering and honoring the past by creating this tremendous book and continuing to work on a video documentary as well. But that we were looking to the future also by planting seeds of geologic curiosity in the minds of students in the Coastal Bend with the placement of USGS Map of Time and Terrainin all 5th-6th grades in the Coastal Bend. Mandy Medina, STGS President- Elect, bought one of the maps for himself and is considering it as a project that the STGS may take on during his term as President.

Red McCombs was their guest speaker and before his speech, he said “the book was priceless to anyone interested in oil, gas and ranching in South Texas and that I highly recommend it”. Red McCombs, I found out, has been a handshake partner with Charles Forney in Houston since the early 1960’s. The tremendous Charline Field– 1978 Wilcox discovery in Lavaca County was named after Red’s wife, Charline.

So, be sure to buy your copy of Wooden Rigs Iron Men before the end of the year when the price increases to $75.00 for 2007. The Walraven’s will be at our December luncheon to personalize and sign copies for you—get some signed for Christmas gifts as well. Bring your checkbook and buy one for the reception room coffee table in your office.

Nobody can be nine! When I was 9, I heard a song on the radio that said “for he is a jolly good fellow, for he is a jolly good fellow, for he is a jolly good fellow– that nobody can be nine”. I remember saying to myself that “the song is wrong, you can be nine, I’m nine!” I tell this story to 4th and 5th grade students and tell them to be proud they’re nine—they’re the oldest of the little kids. “Stand up straight and be proud—you’re 9”. The nines birthdays have been good to me. At 19, I took my first geology course at OU—that changed my life. At 29, I got married—that changed my life. At 39, I drilled my first 20BCF well– that changed my life. At 49, I shot my first 3D—that was fun. At 59, I am a grandfather—that will change my life. So I say the nines have been good to me.

Somebody can be nine! Happy Holidays

Owen Hopkins 11/13/06
CCGS President