Article from Rotary Club President Jim Mailhes

jimmailhesOwen Hopkins, current president of the local Geological Society, gave a presentation on the “History of Oil and Gas in Corpus Christi”. Did you know that the first oil well in Corpus Christi was drilled right down Leopard Street where the “Old Mexico” Restaurant stands today? Hundreds of wells were drilled in the area along Leopard and I-37 from the 1920’s through the 1970’s producing both oil and gas. Did you know that when demand for oil for lighting was satisfied by whale oil, the Bowhead whale provided the greatest number of barrels per whale at 275? The oil and gas industry saved the whale population from almost certain extinction. The first gusher well in the U.S., “Spindle Top”, initially produced 100,000 barrels of oil a day. This immediately saved 363 whales per day from harvest for their oil. So Owen says that anytime someone gives the oil and gas industry a hard time, be sure to educate them about how they are actually “Saving the Whales!”.

Owen also has a program on Astronomy, so if you have an interest in that one, email the office.

Another terrific program.