Geology is the science and study of the solid and liquid matter that constitutes the Earth. The field of geology encompasses the study of the composition, structure, physical properties, dynamics, and history of Earth materials, and the processes by which they are formed, moved, and changed. The field is a major academic discipline, and is also important for mineral and hydrocarbon extraction, knowledge about and mitigation of natural hazards, some engineering fields, and understanding past climates and environments with reference to present-day climate change.

The word "geology" was first used by Jean-André Deluc in the year 1778 and introduced as a fixed term by Horace-Bénédict de Saussure in the year 1779. The science was not included in Encyclopædia Britannica's third edition completed in 1797, but had a lengthy entry in the fourth edition completed by 1809.[1] An older meaning of the word was first used by Richard de Bury to distinguish between earthly and theological jurisprudence.

-Source: Wikipedia.


Corpus Christi Geological Society
P.O. Box 1068
Corpus Christi, TX 78403

Coastal Bend Geophysical Society
P.O. Box 2471
Corpus Christi, TX 78403

Phase I - Maps in Schools

Presentations have been made of laminated, framed USGS Geologic Maps of Time and Terrain to 732 schools across the country - primarily in Texas and Oklahoma. The maps have been put in prominent places in the school at student eye-level-cafeteria, hallways, libraries, foyers. We have a label attached under the lamination that says “2007 Donation by the Corpus Christi Geological Society with support of the Don Boyd Continuing Education Fund.

Our goal is to “Plant the Seeds of Geologic Curiosity” by encouraging an interest in science in general and geology in particular and we think this map can do that.

Our usual presentations are to groups of students with their teachers where we tell them some facts about the map and then challenge them to tell those facts to any student/teacher that they see looking at the map. The map comes with a booklet of pertinent information about the map and how it was created. Check out the 'How to Present Maps' Guide.

This project has involved many of our members. They donate $150 per map—they can present the map themselves if they want to—but we have members who will also make multiple school presentations. We have raised about $18,000 since September, 2006 not only from members, but also from the community as they hear about the program. The Don Boyd Continuing Education Fund also contributes additional funds.

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The Maps in Schools, Bones in Schools, and Boulders in Schools all plant the seeds of curiousity in children around our community.

Thank you for all of your help!

Interactive Map - Move your mouse over the map for larger detail and 4 facts.

Four Facts about the Map
Be sure to share these with another student, parent, teacher, or principal:
  1. Light colors shows young rocks – map colors represent the ages of rocks on the vertical legend on the side of the map. The colors become darker as you go down the chart—this represents an increase of age from top to bottom

  2. Jurassic Era is the Age of Dinosaurs. Jurassic Park is not just a cool name for a movie dinosaur park, but the Jurassic is geologic time era where dinosaurs lived. Find the age Jurassic on the scale on the right side. The color next to ‘Jurassic’ is green, so anywhere you see green on the map, you could expect to find dinosaur age fossils or dinosaur footprints.

  1. Central Valley of California and Mississippi River valley have deposits of the youngest rocks in USA. The light beige and light grey colors denote deposition since the Pyramids were built (roughly 10,000 years ago)—note the large grey are near the Mississippi River and along the coasts of Texas and Louisiana. Note the large beige area in central California that is larger than Lake Michigan. It used to be Lake California, but the water leaked out near San Francisco when movement on the San Andreas earthquake occurred allowed the water to leak to the Pacific Ocean—leaving a very large, very fertile lake floor.

  2. Mountain in northern Lake California is a 1 million year old volcano. Look at the round yellow mountain with holes in the top of it in northern Lake California. It was an island when the lake was full and now is a mountain now that the lake is drained. Find yellow on the scale to show the volcano is 1.6 million years old! This shows that a million years is considered as ‘young’.

Quiz after learning the 4 facts:
  1. Which state is older-- Michigan or Florida?
  2. Are the Appalachian Mountains older or younger than the mountains on the west coast?
  3. What are the ages of rocks along the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coasts?
  4. Would you expect to find dinosaur footprints or fossils in Florida?
  5. Ask a student from to point out where on the map you could find dinosaur age fossils.
  6. Would the state of Maine have any dinosaur age fossils?

Teachers, we still have 90 schools in South Texas'
ESC Region 2, including 40 in Nueces County, and still
27 in Corpus Christi, that need these framed, laminated USGS Geologic Maps of the USA!

If you are interested in requesting a map, please fill out the form below and Owen Hopkins will contact you; and we will have a geologist present the framed map to your school, give you 2 rolled maps for teacher use, give a 45 minute geology presentation, give each student a polished mineral and give a set of 20 minerals/rocks all at NO CHARGE!

This project is supported by the Corpus Christi Geological Society, Coastal Bend Geophysical Society, and Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists.

Teacher's Name:
Phone Number:
E-Mail Address:

200 of the Many Schools That Have the Geologic Map Installed
Click the Google Earth File Below the Map for the Full List

View Maps in Schools in a larger map

Click the icon to download our CCGeo Google Earth File.

The file contains our Maps in Schools project, Bones in Schools project, Virtual Field Trips, Voyage Solar System to be installed in Corpus Christi, and Orions Belt scale markers throughout Corpus Christi.

Maps in Schools Presentation by Owen Hopkins:

4th and 5th Graders from Tuloso-Midway Intermediate School

(Click Image to Watch Video)

To geology map presenters: Here is a suggested speech format to present the Geologic Map to a school:

  1. Definition of Geology
  2. "Put your hand up if you eat rocks" discussion of Halite and Salt
  3. "Touch your teeth" Discussion of Calcite
  4. Discussion of Copper and the statue of liberty
  5. Show where on the map this copper is found - northern Minnesota - "The color here is orange, therefore this sample..."
  6. Discuss Geologic Map - colors represent ages of rocks/sediment on the USA
  7. Fact #1 Light Colors are Young
  8. Fact #2 Jurassic = green = dinosaur bones/footprints/dinosaur age rocks
  9. Ask some quiz questions
  10. Challenge students to tell a fact to another student, teacher, principal
  11. Present the Map to the teacher
  12. Take a picture of the map, teacher and any geology assistants you used in presentation
  13. Request the school mount the map in a permanent, high traffic area of school
  14. Request the school to mail you "What I learned notes" from the students
  15. Reauest the school to email photograph of the map with students, etc in its final place
  16. Give a rolled geologic map and pamphlet, teacher guide to each teacher
  17. Give a mineral specimen to each student
  18. Email the school name, address, teacher, date, presenter name, Society and # of students/grade and picture to

Map Idea Pays Student Dividends

by Ken Milam
EXPLORER Correspondent
March 2009

fter retiring four years ago from a successful career as a petroleum geologist, Owen Hopkins wanted to spark his passion for science in those who would follow.

He called it “planting the seed of geologic knowledge.”

So the colorful and enthusiastic Hopkins pursued his idea, nurtured it and watched as it blossomed and began to bear fruit.

As president of the Corpus Christi Geological Society in 2006, Hopkins got the ball rolling with a three-pronged plan to draw public school students into his world.

  • He began with the idea of “maps in schools” – putting colorful, laminated, framed U.S. Geological Society time and terrain maps of the United States at eye-level for fifth and sixth graders in the Coastal Bend area.
  • He made personal presentations, speaking to kids and teachers in terms they related to, mentioning “Jurassic Park” and other popular themes.
  • He got colleagues infected by his enthusiasm to help him spread the message.
Today, thanks to Hopkins’ gift of gab and networking, some 1,100 geologic maps have been placed in schools around the country – and interest is growing internationally.

Several organizations, including AAPG, have lent financial and moral support.

Largely because of those efforts Hopkins is this year’s recipient of AAPG’s Public Service Award – but he is quick to name dozens of other individuals and organizations that have helped him plant and nurture his “seeds.”

“It’s like one of my prospects,” he said. “Instead of oil and gas reserves, the return is how many kids we can get interested.”

Getting Kids Interested

To say the idea has grown is an understatement. The project has branched, fractal-like, into other societies, organizations, cities, states and countries.

Boosters often add local or regional flavor, but the song remains the same: Put things into schools that will get kids interested in earth science.

Hopkins offered a summary of developments since the project began:
  • 307 framed maps have been placed in schools around the country. (Framed maps are intended for high-traffic areas; rolled maps are given to teachers for their classrooms.)
  • The Houston Geological Society purchased 200 rolled maps for area teachers.
  • The “Rocks in Your Head” programs, funded in part by AAPG, distributed about 650 maps to teachers who attended seminars in eight states during 2008.
  • The Tulsa Geological Society placed 33 geologic maps of North America in local schools.
  • Mike Pollok, a SIPES member in Oklahoma City, bought 50 framed maps to be placed in Purcell, Okla. area schools.
  • West Texas Geological Society placed 36 framed maps in Midland and Odessa schools.
  • The San Joaquin Geological Society is placing geologic maps of California in five schools each year.
A Bone to Pick

As the success of his maps in schools idea spreads (societies in several Texas cities, Tulsa, California, Florida, Louisiana and Mexico have launched similar efforts), Hopkins said he is learning from experience and moving to the next phase.

Now he wants to put “bones in schools,” to acquaint students with animals that thrived in their hometowns before there were towns.

Since 1990, a gravel pit near Corpus Christi has yielded thousands of La Brean-era bones and fragments. (Think of the movie “Ice Age,” Hopkins urges students when he discusses the bones.)

The site owners donated the bones to Texas A&M University in Kingsville, stipulating they be given away only for educational purposes.

Hopkins hopes to see bones placed in trophy cases, along with maps and a poster commissioned by CCGS depicting life in the Corpus Christi area 3,230 years ago.

Different Ideas

Hopkins keeps finding new ways to get maps and rocks into schools and to involve students.

He recently spoke to school superintendents from 11 surrounding counties, encouraging them to send teachers to a January workshop in Corpus Christi. Each school received a framed map, a mammoth bone on a stand and poster, all paid for by CCGS.

Hopkins also took his presentation to high school welding students at Craft Training Center. With the center’s cooperation, Hopkins asked each student to choose a bone and custom design and weld a stand for it.

The students take the stand, bone and posters back to their schools and have them placed in the trophy case. A plaque acknowledges the contribution of CCGS and the stand designer. The program is continuing with a goal of placing 50 such donations in schools by May.

Hopkins said two local welding companies donated materials for the stands.

Kingsville A&M biology department leaders donated 62 boxes of bones to two Corpus Christi schools, after Hopkins’ presentation sparked enough interest among students to start paleontology clubs.

“The goal is to have each student select a bone, determine its bone name, animal, and then give it to a school in a presentation with a Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi geology grad students and a CCGS member,” Hopkins said.

Anyplace is a Good Place

The CCGS resolved to place some educational item in each of the city’s local libraries.

For the new Garcia Library, the society donated a 65 million-year-old fossil fish (Diplomystus) in limestone. CCGS also commissioned artist Dinah Bowman to make a 7.5 x 3 foot mural depicting a “snapshot of Nueces County 13,230 years ago,” which the posters will be copied from. Its scientific accuracy has been validated by experts at the University of Texas, Texas A&M-CC and Texas A&M-Kingsville.

A scanned enlargement 14 x 7 feet will be installed on a wall in the children’s area of McKinzie Library in spring 2009.

And why stop there? CCGS also is making coloring books of all the animals depicted in the mural.

Schools that have the Geologic Map installed
after initiation of the project by the Corpus Christi Geological Society in 2006
(Click on the underlined schools for an article and/or picture about the presentation.)

Updated: October 28, 2010

Search by Geological Society (color):

Currently Showing a total number of 732 schools.

School Name School Type Address City State Zip Code
A.C. Jones High School High 1902 N. Adams St. Beeville Texas 78102
AC Blunt Middle School Middle 2103 Demory Ln Aransas Pass Texas 78336
Academy of the Sacred Heart Private 4521 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans Louisiana 70115
Adams Elementary School Elementary 817 Denison Norman Oklahoma 73069
Adult Learning Center Public 3902 Morgan Avenue Corpus Christi Texas 78405
Agua Dulce Elementary School Elementary One Longhorn Dr. Agua Dulce Texas 78330
Agua Dulce High School High One Longhorn Dr. Agua Dulce Texas 78330
Ainsworth Middle School Middle 520 E 2nd St Ainsworth Nebraska 69210
Alamo Elementary School Elementary 1912 11th Street Wichita Falls Texas 76301
Alamo Heights Junior High Middle 7607 N New Braunfels San Antonio Texas 78209
Alamo Heights Junior School Middle 7607 N New Braunfels San Antonio Texas 78209
Alexander Middle School Middle 3001 Old Alvin Road Pearland Texas 77581
Alice High School High #1 Coyote Trail Alice Texas 78332
Allen Elementary School Elementary 1414 Eighteenth Corpus Christi Texas 78404
Allison Elementary School Elementary 515 Vargas Road Austin Texas 78741
Alpine High School High 704 W Sul Ross Ave Alpine Texas 79830
Alvin Elementary School Elementary 1910 Rosharon Road Alvin Texas 77511
Anson Middle School Middle 1120 Ave M. Anson Texas 79501
Aransas Pass High School High 450 S. Avenue A Aransas Pass Texas 78336
Archie Parr Elementary Elementary 609 W Labbe St San Diego Texas 78384
Ascension Day School Private 1030 Johnston St Lafayette Louisiana 70501
Asher Schools High 201 South Division St Asher Oklahoma 74826
Aspermont High School High 528 East 7th Street Aspermont Texas 79502
Atlanta Elementary School Elementary 902 Abc Ln Atlanta Texas 75551
Attucks Middle School Middle 4330 Bellfort Houston Texas 77051
Austin Discovery School Private 8509 Farm to Market 969 Austin Texas 78724
Austin Elementary Elementary 710 E. Austin Ave Harlingen Texas 78550
Austin Elementary School Elementary 901 N Lee Ave Odessa Texas 79761
Avery Elementary School Elementary 150 San Antonio St Mount Pleasant Texas 75554
B.J. Junior High School Middle 609 W Labbe St San Diego Texas 78384
Bailey Middle School Middle 4020 Lost Oasis Hollow Austin Texas 78739
Bandera M.S. Middle 1005 Cherry St Bandera Texas 78003
Bandera Middle School Middle 1005 Cherry St. Bandera Texas 78003
Banquete Junior High Middle 4334 4th Street Banquete Texas 78339
Barton Creek Elementary School Elementary 1314 Patterson Road Austin Texas 78733
Barwise Academy of Visual and Performing Arts 2B Placed 3807 Kemp Wichita Falls Texas 76308
Baty Elementary Elementary 2101 Faro Drive Austin Texas 78741
Bedicheck Middle School Middle 6800 Bill Hughes Rd. Austin Texas 78745
Beeville Junior High Middle 301 N Minnesota St Beeville Texas 78102
Bell Elementary School Elementary 1409 East Hankerson Street Tyler Texas 75701
Ben Bolt High School High 172 Badger Lane Ben Bolt Texas 78342
Ben Franklin Elementary School Elementary 2112 Speedway Wichita Falls Texas 76308
Ben Milam Elementary School Elementary 2901 Boren Avenue Wichita Falls Texas 76308
Benavides Elementary School Elementary 106 W School St Benavides Texas 78341
Beneke Elementary School Elementary 3840 Briarchase Houston Texas 77014
Berrendo Elementary School Elementary 505 West Pine Lodge Rd Roswell New Mexico 88201
Bethune Middle School Middle 4331 Henry Street Shreveport Louisiana 71109
Big Bend High School High 2281 Roadrunner Cir. Terlingua Texas 79852
Billinghurst Middle School Middle 6685 ChesterField Reno Nevada 89523
Bishop Elementary Elementary 200 South Fir Street Bishop Texas 78343
Bixby High School High 601 S Riverview Dr Bixby Oklahoma 74008
Blake Manor Elementary School Elementary 18010 Blake Manor Rd Manor Texas 78653
Blance Moore Elementary Elementary 2161 Durant Corpus Christi Texas 78414
Blanchard High School High 211 N. Tyler Blanchard Oklahoma 73010
Blaschke Sheldon Intermediate Intermediate 2624 Mustang Dr Ingleside Texas 78362
Bloomburg High School High 307 West Cypress St. Bloomburg Texas 75556
Blue Ridge Elementary School Elementary 6241 McHard Road Houston Texas 77053
Boerne M.S. North Middle 240 West John Rd Boerne Texas 78006
Boerne M.S. South Middle #10 Cascade Caverns Boerne Texas 78006
Bonham Elemntary School Elementary 909 Bonham St Midland Texas 79703
Bonner Elementary School Elementary 235 South Saunders Avenue Tyler Texas 75702
Booker T. Washington High High 1514 E Zion St Tulsa Oklahoma 74106
Bowie Elementary Elementary 805 Elk Ave Midland Texas 79701
Bowie Elementary School Elementary 2200 Clayton Dr. Baytown Texas 77520
Boy Scouts - Camp Carancahua Private Lake Corpus Christi Mathis Texas 78383
Bradley M.S. Middle 14819 Heimer Rd San Antonio Texas 78232
Bramlette Elementary Elementary 111 Tupelo Drive Longview Texas 75601
Breaux Bridge Primary Elementary 915 St Charles Street Breaux Bridge Louisiana 70517
Briscoe Junior High Middle 4300 FM 723 Road Richmond Texas 77406
Bristow Middle School Middle 10 Weatherwood Way Bristow Oklahoma 74010
Broadmoor Elementary School Elementary 609 Broadmoor Blvd. Lafayette Louisiana 70503
Broadmoor Middle School Middle 441 Atlantic Avenue Shreveport Louisiana 71105
Brookhollow Elementary School Elementary 1200 North Railroad Avenue Pflugerville Texas 78660
Budewig Intermediate School Intermediate 12570 Richmond Avenue Houston Texas 77082
Bundret Middle School Middle 100 S Station St Port Aransas Texas 78373
Burnet Elementary School Elementary 900 S Raymond St Midland Texas 79703
Bush Elementary School Elementary 5001 Preston Dr Midland Texas 79707
Bush M.S. Middle 1500 Evans Rd San Antonio Texas 78258
Butler Educational Complex High School High 541 Detroit Street Bossier City Louisiana 71111
Caddo Heights Elementary School Elementary 1702 Corbitt Street Shreveport Louisiana 71108
Calallen High School High 4001 Wildcat Drive Corpus Christi Texas 78410
Calallen Middle School Middle 4602 Cornett Dr Corpus Christi Texas 78410
Caldwell Elementary Arts Academy Elementary 331 South College Tyler Texas 75702
Calhoun High School High 201 Sandcrab Blvd. Port Lavaca Texas 77979
Cameron Elementary School Elementary 2401 W 8th St Odessa Texas 79763
Canyon Middle School Middle 2014 Fm 1101 New Braunfels Texas 78130
Canyon Ridge Middle School Middle 12601 Country Trail Leander Texas 78732
Caraway Intermediate School Elementary 3011 Ellington Houston Texas 77088
Carencro Heights Elementary 601 Teema Road Carencro Louisiana 70520
Carrie Martin Elementary Elementary 600 South Perrin St. Plain Dealing Louisiana 71064
Carrillo Elementary School Elementary 960 S Wayside Dr Houston Texas 77023
Carroll Academy School Private 423 West Gulf Bank Road Houston Texas 77037
Carroll High School High 5301 Weber Corpus Christi Texas 78411
Carroll Lane Elementary School Elementary 4120 Carroll Lane Corpus Christi Texas 78411
Carter Park Elementary Elementary 1204 E Broadus Ave Fort Worth Texas 76115
Carver Elementary Elementary 624 E Oklahoma Pl Tulsa Oklahoma 74106
Casa Linda Elementary Elementary 1540 Casa Grande Corpus Christi Texas 78411
Cathedral Carmel Private 848 St John Street Lafayette Louisiana 70501
CCGS 2B Placed . . . 0
CCGS 2B Placed . . . 0
CCGS 2B Placed . . . 0
CCGS 2B Placed . . . 0
CCISD Superintendent’s office Private 801 Leopard Corpus Christi Texas 78403
Cedar Creek Intermediate School Elementary 151 Voss Pkwy Cedar Creek Texas 78612
Centennial Elementary School Elementary 4400 North Coltrane Road Edmund Oklahoma 73034
Centennial Middle School Middle 225 E Omaha St Broken Arrow Oklahoma 74012
Central Catholic Elementary Private 1218 Comanche St Corpus Christi Texas 78401
Central Junior High School Middle 400 North Brdway Moore Oklahoma 73160
Central Lafourche High School High 4820 Highway 1 Raceland Louisiana 70394
Cesar Chavez High High 3701 Mueller Corpus Christi Texas 78408
Chapel Hill Jr. High School Middle FM 1735 Mount Pleasant Texas 75455
Charlie Marshall Elementary Elementary 2300 McMullen Aransas Pass Texas 78336
Chase Collegiate School Private 565 Chase Parkway Waterbury Connecticut 6708
Cheatham Middle School Middle 1500 W. Main Clarksville Texas 75426
Cheyenne Middle School Middle 1271 W Covell Rd Edmond Oklahoma 73003
Chickasha Middle School Middle 1000 S. 9th St. Chickasha Oklahoma 73018
Chickasha Quality Academy Private 102 N. 9th St. Chickasha Oklahoma 73018
Chisum Elementary School Elementary 3250 Church St. Paris Texas 75462
Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory School Private 5058 West Jackson Blvd. Chicago Illinois 60644
Church Hill M.S. Middle 1275 N Business 35 New Braunfels Texas 78130
Church Point Elementary School Elementary 415 East Lougarre Street Church Point Louisiana 70525
Cisco Jr.High Middle 1200 Pershing St Cisco Texas 76437
Clark Intermediate School Elementary 1825 Rushworth Drive Houston Texas 77014
Clarkston Elementary School Elementary 2819 Shenandoah Drive Tyler Texas 75701
Clear Fork Elementary School Elementary 1102 Clear Fork Street Lockhart Texas 78644
Cleveland Elementary School Elementary 500 N Sherry Ave Norman Oklahoma 73069
Clint Small Middle School Middle 4801 Monterey Oaks Austin Texas 78749
Club Estates Elementary School Elementary 5222 Merganser Corpus Christi Texas 78413
Cole M.S. Middle 1900 Winans Rd San Antonio Texas 78234
College Prep High School High 3875 1/2 S. Staples St. Corpus Christi Texas 78411
Collegiate High School High 101 Baldwin Blvd. Corpus Christi Texas 78404
Colonial Hills Elementary School Elementary 5800 Greenwich St. Worthington Ohio 43085
Colorado Middle School Middle 312 E 12th St Colorado City Texas 79512
Comal M.S. Middle 6720 FM 482 New Braunfels Texas 78130
Community Middle School Middle 615 Fm 1138 N Nevada Texas 75173
Como-Pickton Elementary Elementary 13017 Tx Hwy 11 E Como Texas 75431
Comstock School All Grades 101 Sanderson St. Comstock Texas 78837
Connell M.S. Middle 400 Hot Wells Blvd San Antonio Texas 78223
ConocoPhillips Energy Days Private 411 S Keeler Ave Bartlesville Oklahoma 74004
Cooper Elementary School Elementary 440 SW 3rd Cooper Texas 75432
Cooper Elementary School Elementary 18655 Imperial Valley Dr Houston Texas 77073
Cornerstone Baptist Church Christian School Private 1200 N Stadium Rd Alice Texas 78332
Corpus Christi Geological Library Private 615 Leopard Corpus Christi Texas 78401
Corpus Christi Montessori School Charter 3530 Gollihar Rd Corpus Christi Texas 78415
Covington Middle School Middle 3700 Convict Hill Rd. Austin Texas 78749
Craft Training Center Public 7433 Leopard St. Corpus Christi Texas 78409
Craig Middle School Middle 702 S. Judge Ely Blvd. Abilene Texas 79602
Crested Butte Community School Public 818 Red Lady Avenue Crested Butte Colorado 81224
Crestview Elementary School Elementary 604 N McCoy Blvd New Boston Texas 75570
Crockett Elementary Elementary 2625 Belton Corpus Christi Texas 78416
Crockett Elementary School Elementary 401 E. Parker Ave Midland Texas 79701
Crockett Elementary School Elementary 3015 Avenue I Wichita Falls Texas 76309
Crockett Junior High School Middle 2301 Conover St Odessa Texas 79763
Cuero Intermediate School Elementary 502 Park Heights Drive Cuero Texas 77954
Cunningham Elementary School Elementary 4107 Phillips Wichita Falls Texas 76308
Cunningham Middle School Middle 4321 Prescott Corpus Christi Texas 78416
Dahlstrom Middle School Middle 3600 FM 967 Buda Texas 78610
Dakar Senegal Middle School Middle . Dakar . 0
Dan Hughes Company 2B Placed . Beeville . 0
David Crockett Middle School Middle 19001 Beechnut Richmond Texas 77469
Davis M.S. Middle 4702 E Houston St San Antonio Texas 78220
Dawson Elementary Elementary 6821 Sanders Dr. Corpus Christi Texas 78413
DC Cannon Elementary School Elementary 315 S Business 34 Quinlan Texas 75474
De Zavala Elementary School Elementary 705 N. Lee St. Midland Texas 79701
DeKalb Middle School Middle 101 Maple Street De Kalb Texas 75559
Denver School of Science and Technology Public 2000 Valentia Street Denver CO 80238
Desert View Elementary Elementary 8621 N 3rd St # A Phoenix Arizona 85020
Detroit Elementary School Elementary 110 E Garner Detroit Texas 75436
Dexter Elementary School Elementary 200 North Lincoln Dexter New Mexico 88230
Dexter High School High 100 East Clark Dexter New Mexico 88230
Dibble Elementary School Elementary 100 Old Town Main St Dibble Oklahoma 73031
Donnie Bickham Middle School Middle 7240 Old Mooringsport Road Shreveport Louisiana 71107
Douglas Benold Middle School Middle 2407 Northwest Blvd Georgetown Texas 78628
Douglas Elementary School Elementary 1525 North Carlyle Avenue Tyler Texas 75702
Douglas Intermediate School Elementary 600 Calvert Street Sulphur Springs Texas 75482
Dowling Elementary School Elementary 1510 E 17th Odessa Texas 79761
Dr Clotide Garcia Library Library 3560 Brockhampton Corpus Christi Texas 78414
Driscoll M.S Middle 17150 Jones-Maltsberger San Antonio Texas 78247
Driscoll Middle School Middle 3501 Kenwood Corpus Christi Texas 78408
Dubose Intermediate School Intermediate 1000 Lantana Alice Texas 78332
Dudley Magnet School Elementary 3307 Callis St Victoria Texas 77901
Dyess Elementary School Elementary 402 Delaware Rd Abilene Texas 79607
Early Childhood Development Center Elementary 6300 Ocean Drive Corpus Christi Texas 78412
East Cliff Elementary Elementary 200 Fulton Place Portland Texas 78374
East Elementary Elementary 1150 Gregory Street Taft Texas 78390
East Elementary School Elementary 1310 E. Elm St. Breckenridge Texas 76424
East Primary School Elementary 3709 Lott Avenue Corpus Christi Texas 78410
Eckert Intermediate School Elementary 1430 Aldine Meadows Road Houston Texas 77032
Edison High School High 2906 E 41st St Tulsa Oklahoma 74105
Edison Middle School Middle 2800 E 41st St Tulsa Oklahoma 74105
Edna High School High 1303 W Gayle St Edna Texas 77957
Education Service Center Public 209 N Water St. Corpus Christi Texas 78401
Eickenroht Elementary School Elementary 15252 Grand Point Houston Texas 77090
Eisenhower Elementary School Elementary 1415 Fairlawn Norman Oklahoma 73071
Eisenhower International School Private 2819 S New Haven Ave Tulsa Oklahoma 74114
Eisenhower M.S. Middle 8231 Blanco Rd San Antonio Texas 78216
Eisenhower Middle School Middle 8231 Blanco Rd San Antonio Texas 78216
Elementary Magnet at Blackshear Elementary 501 S Dixie Blvd Odessa Texas 79761
Elementary Magnet at Cameron Elementary 2401 W 8th St Odessa Texas 79763
Elementary Magnet at Hays Elementary 1101 E Monahans St Odessa Texas 79761
Elementary Magnet at Ireland Elementary 4301 Dawn Ave Odessa Texas 79762
Elementary Magnet at Noel Elementary 2200 Newcomb Dr Odessa Texas 79764
Elementary Magnet at Zavala Elementary 1201 Clifford St Odessa Texas 79763
Ella Barnes Elementary Elementary 2829 Oso Parkway Corpus Christi Texas 78414
Ella Dolhonde Elementary School Elementary 219 Severn Ave. Metairie Louisiana 70001
Elm Grove Middle School Middle 1541 Old Highway 71 Elm Grove Louisiana 71051
Emerson Elementary School Elementary 2800 Moss Ave Midland Texas 79705
Endeavour Elementary School Elementary 9300 Meacham Rd. Bakersfield California 93312
Episcopal School of Acadiana Private 400 Camellia Blvd. Lafayette Louisiana 70503
Eula Elementary School Elementary 6040 F M 603 Clyde Texas 79510
Evans Elementary School Elementary 1315 Comanche Corpus Christi Texas 78401
Fadden-McKeown-Chamblis Elementary 100 TJ Pfeil Beeville Texas 78102
Fain Elementary School Elementary 1562 Norman Wichita Falls Texas 76302
Fairfield Elementary Magnet Elementary 6215 Fairfield Avenue Shreveport Louisiana 71106
Falfurrias Elementary School Elementary 100 E Allen St Falfurrias Texas 78355
Falfurrias High School High 100 E Jersey Road Falfurrias Texas 78355
Falfurrias Middle School Middle 600 South Center Falfurrias Texas 78355
Falls City Elementary Elementary 525 N Nelson St Falls City Texas 78113
Fannin Elementary School Elementary 2400 Fannin Ave Midland Texas 79705
Fannindel Elementary School Elementary 409 W Main Pecan Gap Texas 75469
Faulk Early Childhood Center Elementary 430 S. Eighth Street Aransas Pass Texas 78336
First Baptist Church Private 3115 Ocean Dr Corpus Christi Texas 78404
Flour Bluff Alternative Alternative 2505 Waldron Road Corpus Christi Texas 78418
Flour Bluff High School High 2505 Waldron Rd. Corpus Christi Texas 78418
Flour Bluff Intermediate Intermediate 2505 Waldron Rd Corpus Christi Texas 78418
Flour Bluff Jr. High Middle 207 Hustlin Hornet Dr. Corpus Christi Texas 78418
FMC Elementary School Elementary 100 T. J. Pfeil Lane Beeville Texas 78102
Forest Park Middle School Middle 1515 Lake Drive Longview Texas 75601
Fort Davis High School High 400 W Webster Ave Fort Davis Texas 79734
Foster Middle School Middle 410 S Green St Longview Texas 75601
Fowler Elementary School Elementary 5100 Ridgecrest Wichita Falls Texas 76310
Frank Stone Middle School Middle 3201 Lewis Ln Paris Texas 75460
Franklinton Elementary School Elementary 345 Jaguar Drive Franklinton Louisiana 70438
Frasch Elementary School Elementary 540 S Huntington Sulphur Louisiana 70663
Fulmore Middle School Middle 201 East Mary Austin Texas 78704
Fulton Elementary Elementary 502 Mesquite St Fulton Texas 78358
Gale Pond Elementary School Elementary 801 E 23rd St Odessa Texas 79761
Galvan Elementary School Elementary 3126 Masterson Corpus Christi Texas 78415
Garcia Elementary School Elementary 4401 Greenwood Corpus Christi Texas 78416
Garner M.S Middle 4302 Harry Wurzbach San Antoniot Texas 78209
Gary Elementary School Elementary 730 South Chilton Avenue Tyler Texas 75701
Garza Gonzalez Charter School Charter 4129 Greenwood Dr. Corpus Christi Texas 78416
Gem and Mineral Society Lapidary Room Private 3933 Timon Blvd. Corpus Christi Texas 78402
George West Elementary School Elementary 910 Houston St George West Texas 78022
Gibson Elementary Elementary 5723 Hampshire Rd. Corpus Christi Texas 78408
Gilbert J Mircovich Elementary School Elementary 2720 Big Oak Ln Ingleside Texas 78362
Glen Couch Elementary School Elementary 4349 Waterhouse Dr Garland Texas 75043
Goliad Elementary School Elementary 142 West High Street Goliad Texas 77963
Goliad Intermediate School Elementary 101 West High Street Goliad Texas 77963
Goliad Middle School Middle 659 North Church Street Goliad Texas 77963
Gonzales Elementary School Elementary 2700 Disney St Odessa Texas 79761
Grand Elementary Elementary 1415 Grand Ave Chickasha Oklahoma 73018
Grandview Hills Elementary Elementary 12024 Vista Parke Dr. Austin Texas 78726
Greathouse Elementary School Elementary 5107 Greathouse Ave Midland Texas 79707
Gregory-Portland High School High 4601 Wildcat Drive Portland Texas 78374
Gregory-Portland Intermediate Intermediate 4200 Wildcat Dr. Portland Texas 78374
Gregory-Portland Junior High Middle 4600 Wildcat Dr. Portland Texas 78374
Griffin Elementary School Elementary 3000 North Border Avenue Tyler Texas 75702
H. M. King High School High 2210 S. Brahma Kingsville Texas 78363
Haas Middle School Middle 6630 McArdle Road Corpus Christi Texas 78412
Hardee Junior High School Middle 2401 US Highway 17 N Wauchula Florida 33873
Hardee Senior High School High 830 Altman Road Wauchula Florida 33873
Hardeeville Elementary Elementary 150 Hurrican Alley Hardeeville South Carolina 29927
Hardesty School High 310 5th Street Hardesty Oklahoma 73944
Harris M.S. Middle 5300 Knoll Creek San Antonio Texas 78247
Haskell Elementary School Elementary 306 S. Ave. G Haskell Texas 79521
Hathaway High School High 4040 Pine Island Highway Jennings Louisiana 70546
Hattie A. Watts Elementary Elementary 1307 Third Street Patterson Louisiana 70392
Haughton Middle School Middle 210 East McKinley Avenue Haughton Louisiana 71037
Hawley Middle School Middle Ave H & 3rd St Hawley Texas 79525
Haynes Academy for Advanced Study Private 1416 Metairie Road Metairie Louisiana 70005
Hefner Middle School Middle 8400 N. Macarthur Blvd. Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73132
Henderson Elementary School Elementary 4800 Graceland Midland Texas 79703
Hermleigh Elementary School Elementary 1026 School Ave Hermleigh Texas 79526
Highland Lakes Elementary School Elementary 8200 W Fm 1431 Granite Shoals Texas 78654
Hill Intermediate School Elementary 2625 West Mount Houston Road Houston Texas 77038
Hillcrest Elementary School Elementary 1400 Morningside Dr. Alice Texas 78332
Hilton Head Baccalaureate Elementary 30 School Rd. Hilton Head South Carolina 29926
Hogg Middle School Middle 920 South Broadway Avenue Tyler Texas 75701
Holdenville High School High 210 Grimes Holdenville Oklahoma 74848
Holland Hall Middle School Middle 5666 E. 81st St. Tulsa Oklahoma 74137
Holy Family Elementary School Elementary 2526 Soledad St Corpus Christi Texas 78416
Holy Name of Jesus School Private 6325 Cromwell Pl New Orleans Louisiana 70118
Hooks Junior High Middle 3921 County Road 2104 Hooks Texas 75561
Housing Authority City of Corpus Christi Public 1455 Southgate Corpus Christi Texas 78415
Houston Elementary Elementary 363 Norton Corpus Christi Texas 78415
Howell Middle School Middle 2502 Fannin Dr Victoria Texas 77902
Howell Middle School Middle 2502 Fannin Dr Victoria Texas 77901
Hubbard Middle School Middle 1300 Hubbard Drive Tyler Texas 75701
Hudson Bend Middle School Middle 15600 Lariat Trail Austin Texas 78734
Hudson Pep Elementary Elementary 1609 Lilly Street Longview Texas 75602
Hughes Springs Elementary School Elementary 809 Russell Hughes Springs Texas 75656
HW Lang Middle School Middle 1678 Chenault Dallas Texas 75228
Hynes Charter School Private 719 South Carrollton Avenue New Orleans Louisiana 70118
Iago Junior High Middle 200 Gift Street Iago Texas 77420
Industrial Junior High Middle Walnut Street Lolita Texas 77971
Ireland Elementary School Elementary 4301 Dawn Ave Midland Texas 79762
Irving M.S. Middle 1300 Delgado St San Antonio Texas 78207
IWA Elementary Elementary 450 Chamberlain Corpus Christi Texas 78404
IWA Middle School Middle 2917 Austin Street Corpus Christi Texas 78404
IWA Secondary High 2910 S. Alameda Corpus Christi Texas 78404
J Q Adams Middle School Middle 5525 Henican Place Metairie Louisiana 70003
J Wallace James Elementary 1500 West Willow St. Scott Louisiana 70583
J. L. Everhart Elementary Elementary 1000 South MLK Junior Blvd Longview Texas 75602
J.F. Gauthier School Elementary 2214 Bobolink Dr Poydras Louisiana 70085
J.J. Pickle Elementary Elementary 1101 Wheatley Ave. Austin Texas 78752
Jackie's Private School Private 11530 Manchaca Road Austin Texas 78748
Jackson Elementary School Elementary 520 S. Wylie Rd. Norman Oklahoma 73069
Jackson M.S Middle 4538 Vance Jackson San Antonio Texas 78230
James Bowie Elementary School Elementary 47 James Bowie Lane Simms Texas 75574
Jane Long Elementary School Elementary 4200 Cedar Spring Dr. Midland Texas 79703
Jefferson Elementary School Elementary 250 N. Crockel Norman Oklahoma 73026
Jefferson Elementary School Elementary 4628 Mistletoe Wichita Falls Texas 76310
Jefferson Jr. High Middle 804 North Alley Street Jefferson Texas 75657
Jefferson Middle School Middle 611 Owens Street Columbia Mississippi 39429
Jenks High School High 205 E B St Jenks Oklahoma 74037
Jenks Middle School Middle 205 E B St Jenks Oklahoma 74037
Jennings Elementary School Elementary 620 Florence Street Jennings Louisiana 70546
Jensen Elementary School Elementary 3514 Tulip St Pasadena Texas 77504
Jeter Elementary School Elementary 2455 County Road 58 Manvel Texas 77578
JK Hileman Elementary School Elementary 1013 Houston Street Queen City Texas 75572
John Curtis Christian School Private 10125 Jefferson Hwy. River Ridge Louisiana 70123
John Marshall High School High 12201 N. Portland Ave. Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73120
John Q. Adams Middle School Middle 5525 Henican Place Metairie Louisiana 70003
John Ross Elementary Elementary 1901 N. Thomas Edmond Oklahoma 73003
Johnson H.S. High 23203 Bulverde San Antonio Texas 78259
Johnston Elementary School Elementary 3602 N 12th Abilene Texas 79603
Johnston McQueen Elementary Elementary 422 FM 2751 Longview Texas 75605
Jones Elementary Elementary 1515 S 71st E Ave Tulsa Oklahoma 74112
Jones Elementary School Elementary 4919 Shadylane Dr. Midland Texas 79703
Jones Elementary School Elementary 2521 West Front Street Tyler Texas 75702
Jones Elementary School Elementary 13145 Montana St Jones Oklahoma 73049
Joseph S, Maggiore Sr. Elementary School Elementary 2504 Maine Ave. Metairie Louisiana 70003
JS Clark Middle School Middle 351 Hearne Ave Shreveport Louisiana 71103
Judson Middle School Middle 5745 Judson Road Longview Texas 75605
Juvenile Justice Alternative Alternative 1252 Lantana St. Corpus Christi Texas 78407
K.E.Y.S. Alternative School Alternative 400 W. Corral Ave. Kingsville Texas 78363
Kaffie Middle Middle 5922 Brockhampton Corpus Christi Texas 78414
Karnes City Jr. High Middle 410 N. Highway 123 Karnes City Texas 78118
Kate Burgess Elementary School Elementary 3106 Maurine Street Wichita Falls Texas 76306
Kate Haynes Elementary School Elementary 1705 Katherine Wichita Falls Texas 76306
Kealing Middle & Science Academy Middle 1607 Pennsylvania Ave. Austin Texas 78702
Keithville Elementary/Middle School Elementary 12201 Mansfield Road Keithville Louisiana 71047
Kendall Elementary Elementary 141 Old San Antonio Rd Boerne Texas 78006
Kennedy Elementary School Elementary 621 Sunrise St Norman Oklahoma 73071
Kieberger Elementary Elementary 748 W. Goodnight Aransas Pass Texas 78336
King High School High 5225 Gollihar Corpus Christi Texas 78412
Kipp Academy Private 735 Fredricksburg Rd San Antonio Texas 78201
KIPP Aspire Academy Private 735 Fredericksburg San Antonio Texas 78201
Kirby International Baccalaureate 2B Placed 1715 Loop 11 Wichita Falls Texas 76306
Kleberg Elementary Elementary 900 N. Sixth Kingsville Texas 78363
Kleberg Elementary School Elementary 1450 Edd Rd Dallas Texas 75253
Kostoryz Elementary Elementary 3602 Panama Dr Corpus Christi Texas 78415
Krueger M.S Middle 438 Lanark Drive San Antonio Texas 78218
Krum High School High 811 E McCart Krum Texas 76249
Lafayette Museum of Natural History Museum 433 Jefferson St Lafayette Louisiana 70501
Lake Harbor Middle School Middle 1700 Viola Street Mandeville Louisiana 70448
Lake Region High School High 1995 Thunder Road Eagle Lake Florida 33839
Lakeland High School High 726 Hollingsworth Road Lakeland Florida 33801
Lakeland Montessori School Private 1124 N. Lake Parker Ave Lakeland Florida 33805
Lakeview Elementary School Elementary 3310 108th Ave NE Norman Oklahoma 73071
Lakewood Elementary School Elementary 8800 Grandriver Drive Houston Texas 77078
Lamar Elementary School Elementary 3200 Kessler Ave Midland Texas 79701
Lamar Elementary School Elementary 2212 Morris Corpus Christi Texas 78405
Lamar IB World School Elementary 2206 Lucas Wichita Falls Texas 76301
Lamar Intermediate School Middle 800 S San Patricio Sinton Texas 78387
Laplace Elementary School Elementary 393 Greenwood Drive Laplace Louisiana 70068
Laser School Alternative 400 W Corral Ave Kingsville Texas 78363
LBJ Elementary School Elementary 6401 Amber Dr Odessa Texas 79762
Lee Elementary School Elementary 301 W Bert Ave Pauls Valley Oklahoma 73075
Lee Elementary School Elementary 1026 N Pioneer Abilene Texas 79603
Lexington Elementary School Elementary 222 Fifth St Lexington Texas 78947
Lexington Middle School Middle 420 NE Fourth St. Lexington Oklahoma 73051
Liberty-Eylau CK Bender Elementary Elementary 2300 Buchanan Rd Texarkana Texas 75501
Lincoln Elementary School Elementary 915 Classen Blvd Norman Oklahoma 73071
Lincoln Elementary School Elementary 103 Dakota Chickasha Oklahoma 73018
Linden Elementary School Elementary 107 S Kaufman St Linden Texas 75563
Lindsay Elementary School Elementary 402 SW 8th St Lindsay Oklahoma 73052
Little Flower School Private 905 Kentucky Ave San Antonio Texas 78201
London Elementary School Elementary 1306 FM 43 Corpus Christi Texas 78415
Lopez M.S. Middle 23103 Hardy Oak Blvd San Antonio Texas 78258
Lotspeich Elementary Elementary 1000 Ruben Chavez Rd Robstown Texas 78380
Luther Jones Elementary Elementary 7533 Lipes Corpus Christi Texas 78413
Madison Elementary School Elementary 500 E. James Dr. Norman Oklahoma 73072
Magee Intermediate Intermediate 4201 Calallen Drive Corpus Christi Texas 78410
Marathon High School High 109 N 5th Marathon Texas 79842
Marcella Intermediate School Elementary 16250 Cotillion Drive Houston Texas 77060
Marfa High School High 300 N Gonzales Street Marfa Texas 79843
Mary Grett School Special Campus School Elementary 4402 Castenon Corpus Christi Texas 78416
Mathis High School High 602 E San Patricio Ave Mathis Texas 78368
Mathis Intermediate School Intermediate 602 E San Patricio Ave Mathis Texas 78368
Maud Middle School Middle Highway 8 South Maud Texas 75567
Maysville Elementary School Elementary 9 William Maysville Oklahoma 73057
McAllister Middle School Middle 4100 Hiram Brandon Dr. Bay City Texas 77414
McCraw Junior High Middle 602 E San Patricio Ave Mathis Texas 78368
McDade Elementary School Elementary 156 Marlin St McDade Texas 78650
McDonough 35 High School High 1331 Kerlerec St. New Orleans Louisiana 70116
McGehee School Private 2343 Prytania Street New Orleans Louisiana 70130
McKinley Elementary School Elementary 728 Flood Norman Oklahoma 73069
McLeod Middle School Middle 19395 Farm Rd 125 E McLeod Texas 75565
McNiel Global Communications Magnet 2B Placed 4712 Barnett Road Wichita Falls Texas 76310
Meadie Pumphrey Junior High Middle 505 W. Gayle Edna Texas 77957
Meadowview Elementary School Elementary 4312 Shed Road Bossier City Louisiana 71111
Medina Valley M.S. Middle 8395 FM 471 S Castroville Texas 78009
Meeker High School High 214 E. Carl Hubbell Meeker Oklahoma 74855
Memorial High School High 1110 Sam Houston Dr. Victoria Texas 77901
Memorial Intermediate School Intermediate 900 W. Third St. Alice Texas 78332
Menger Elementary Elementary 2401 S. Alameda Corpus Christi Texas 78404
Meridell Private 12550 W Hwy 29 Liberty Hill Texas 78642
Merkel Middle School Middle S 3RD & ASH ST Merkel Texas 79536
Mesa Middle School Middle 1601 East Bland St Roswell New Mexico 88201
Metairie Academy Private 201 Metairie Rd. Metairie Louisiana 70005
Metro Christain Academy Private 6363 S Trenton Ave Tulsa Oklahoma 74136
Midland Christian Private 2001 Culver Midland Texas 79705
Milam Elementary School Elementary 640 College Ave Odessa Texas 79761
Milam Elementary School Elementary 301 E. Dormond Ave. Midland Texas 79705
Miller Grove School Public FM 275 Cumby Texas 75433
Miller High Schol High 1 Battlin Buc Blvd. Corpus Christi Texas 78408
Miller Intermediate School Elementary 15025 Westpark Drive Houston Texas 77082
Mission 911 Mission 911 Park Ave. Corpus Christi Texas 78401
Mobile Engineering Services Private 509 Market St # 300 Shreveport Louisiana 71101
Monroe Middle School Middle 1601 S. McGee Dr. Norman Oklahoma 73072
Montclair Elementary School Elementary 5241 Kentner Corpus Christi Texas 78412
Montclair Elementary School Elementary 5200 Broadmoor Dr Garland Texas 75043
Montessori School for Shreveport Private 2605 C E Galloway Boulevard Shreveport Louisiana 71104
Moody High School High 1818 Trojan Corpus Christi Texas 78416
Moore Middle School Middle 1200 S Tipton St Tyler Texas 75701
Moreno Jr. High Middle 301 N Minnesota St Beeville Texas 78102
Morris Upchurch Middle School Middle 500 5th St. Queen City Texas 75572
Most Precious Blood Private 3502 Saratoga Corpus Christi Texas 78415
Mountain Valley M.S. Middle 1165 Sattler Rd Canyon Lake Texas 78132
Mt Vernon Intermediate School Elementary 501 Hwy 37 S Mt Vernon Texas 75457
Mt. Pleasant High High 2110 North Edwards Mt. Pleasant Texas 75455
Mt. Pleasant Jr. High Middle 2801 Old Paris Road Mt. Pleasant Texas 75455
Mulhall-Orlando High School High 100 East Main Orlando Oklahoma 73073
Murchison Middle School Middle 3700 North Hills Dr. Austin Texas 78731
Nathan Hale High School High 6960 E 21st St Tulsa Oklahoma 74129
Ned E. Williams Elementary Elementary 5230 Estes Parkway Longview Texas 75603
New Braunfels High School High 2551 Loop 337 New Braunfels Texas 78130
New Braunfels M.S. Middle 659 S Guenther New Braunfels Texas 78130
New Caney 6th Grade Campus Middle 22784 Hwy. 59 South Porter Texas 77365
New Orleans Charter School for Science & Math Private 5625 Loyola Ave. New Orleans Louisiana 70115
Newcastle Elementary School Elementary 400 NW 10th St Newcastle Oklahoma 73065
Newman School Private 1903 Jefferson Ave New Orleans Louisiana 70115
Neyland Library Library 1230 Carmel Parkway Corpus Christi Texas 78411
Nimitz Academy Private 5426 Blanco Rd San Antonio Texas 78216
Nimitz M.S Middle 5426 Blanco Road San Antonio Texas 78216
Nimitz Middle School Middle 3111 E 56 St Tulsa Oklahoma 74105
Nordheim School Public 500 N Broadway Nordheim Texas 78141
Norman Thomas Elementary School Elementary 1404 S Norton Freer Texas 78357
Northpointe Intermediate Elementary 19522 Del Norte Canyon Drive Tomball Texas 77377
Northside Manor Recreation Center Private 1401 N. Alameda Corpus Christi Texas 78401
Northwest Branch Library Library 3202 Mckinzie Rd Corpus Christi Texas 78410
Notre Dame High School High 910 North Eastern Ave Crowley Louisiana 70526
Oak Park SES Elementary School Elementary 3801 Leopard Corpus Christi Texas 78408
Oak Run M.S. Middle 415 Oak Run Point New Braunfels Texas 78132
Odem Elementary School Elementary One Owl Square Odem Texas 78370
OH Herman Middle School Middle 719 1st St Van Vleck Texas 77482
O'Henry Middle School Middle 2610 West 10th St. Austin Texas 78703
Oklahoma City Log Library Library 120 North Robinson Ste. 900 Center Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73102
Oklahoma State School of Geology University 105 Noble Research Center Stillwater Oklahoma 74078
Oliver Middle School Middle 3100 W New Orleans Broken Arrow Oklahoma 74011
Orange Grove High School High 725 S. Reynolds Orange Grove Texas 78372
Orange Grove Intermediate Intermediate 504 N. Dibrell St. Orange Grove Texas 78372
Orange Grove Junior High Middle 600 Thiel Street Orange Grove Texas 78372
Orr Elementary School Elementary 3001 Orr Drive Tyler Texas 75702
Ortiz Elementary School Elementary 2550 Vogel Abilene Texas 79603
Our Father's House Private 331 FM 534 Sandia Texas 78383
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Private 16075 N Evans Rd San Antonio Texas 78154
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Private 5814 Williams Drive Corpus Christi Texas 78412
Overton Elementary School Elementary 7201 Colony Loop Drive Austin Texas 78724
Owasso High School High 12901 E 86th St North Owasso Oklahoma 74055
Owens Elementary School Elementary 11780 County Road 168 Tyler Texas 75703
Palacios Middle School Middle 200 Shark Dr. Palacios Texas 77465
Parker Elementary School Elementary 3800 Norwood St. Midland Texas 79707
Parkway High School High 4301 Panther Drive Bossier City Louisiana 71112
Pasco Middle School Middle 13925 14th St Dade City Florida 33525
Pawnee Elementary School Elementary Hwy 798 Pawnee Texas 78145
Pawnee Junior High School Middle Hwy 673 Pawnee Texas 78145
Pease Elementary School Elementary 1700 E. Magnolia Ave. Midland Texas 79705
Pecos Elementary School Elementary 600 East Hobbs St Roswell New Mexico 88201
Peete Elementary School Elementary 1511 Bellwood Road Tyler Texas 75701
Penn Pan Elementary Elementary 305 Court St. Penn Yan New York 14527
Perez Elementary Elementary 1111 E. Ailsie Kingsville Texas 78363
Permian Basin Petroleum Museum Museum 1500 W Interstate 20 Midland Texas 79701
Petronila Elementary School Elementary 2391 County Road 67 Robstown Texas 78380
Pettus High School High 500 N. May St. Pettus Texas 78146
Petty Elementary Elementary 401 Peach Street Taft Texas 78390
Pillow Middle School Middle 3025 Crosscreek Dr. Austin Texas 78757
Pioneer Elementary School Elementary 3686 Hwy 92 Chickasha Oklahoma 73018
Pittsburg Intermediate School Elementary 110 Fulton St. Pittsburg Texas 75686
Pittsburg Junior High School Middle 313 Broach St Pittsburg Texas 75686
Plain Dealing Middle School Middle 300 East Vance Street Plain Dealing Louisiana 71064
Pleasant Grove Elementary School Elementary 6500 Pleasant Grove Texarkana Texas 75503
Port Lavaca Rotary 2B Placed . . . 0
Port Lavaca Rotary 2B Placed . . . 0
Port Lavaca Rotary 2B Placed . . . 0
Port Lavaca Rotary 2B Placed . . . 0
Port Lavaca Rotary 2B Placed . . . 0
Portland Oregon High School High . Portland Oregon 0
Premier High School High 2800 Illinois Midland Texas 79701
Premont Elementary Elementary 439 SW 4th Premont Texas 78375
Premont Middle School Middle 439 SW 4th Premont Texas 78375
Prescott Elementary School Elementary 1945 Gollihar Corpus Christi Texas 78416
Presidio High School High 1401 Market Street Presidio Texas 79845
Princeton Elementary School Elementary 1895 Winfield Road Princeton Louisiana 71067
Provo High School High 1125 North University Avenue Provo Utah 84604
Pryor High School High 1100 S. E. 9th Pryor Oklahoma 74362
Pryor Jefferson Elementary Elementary 400 SE 6th St Pryor Oklahoma 74362
Pryor Junior High School Middle 7 S Hogan St Pryor Oklahoma 74362
Pryor Lincoln Elementary Elementary 1625 S Elliott St Pryor Oklahoma 74362
Pryor Roosevelt Elementary Elementary 402 N Orphan St Pryor Oklahoma 74362
Pryor Washington Elementary Elementary SW 1st & Oak St Pryor Oklahoma 74362
Purcell Middle School Middle 919 N 9th Ave Purcell Oklahoma 73080
R. A. Hall Elementary Elementary 1100 W. Huntington Beeville Texas 78102
Raceland Upper Elementary School Elementary 3759 Highway 308 Raceland Louisiana 70394
Ramey Elementary School Elementary 2105 Garden Valley Road Tyler Texas 75702
Ray High School High 1002 Texan Trail Corpus Christi Texas 78411
Reagan Elementary School Elementary 5340 Hartford Abilene Texas 79603
Red Lick Middle School Middle 3512 North FM 2148 Texarkana Texas 75503
Redwater Jr. High School Middle FM 991 Redwater Texas 75573
Redwater Middle School Middle 108 Ware St Redwater Texas 75573
Refugio High School High 212 W Vance St Refugio Texas 78377
Ricardo Elementary School Elementary 138 W CR 2160 Kingsville Texas 78363
Ricardo Middle School Middle 138 W CR 2160 Kingsville Texas 78363
Rice Elementary School Elementary 409 Carriage Drive Tyler Texas 75703
Rivercrest Elementary School Elementary HWY 271 S Bogata Texas 75417
RiverPlace Elementary Elementary 6500 Sitio Del Rio Austin Texas 78728
Riverside Academy Private 332 Railroad Ave Reserve Louisiana 70084
Riviera Elementary Elementary 203 S 9th St Riviera Texas 78379
Robinson Elementary School Elementary 13600 Skinner Rd Cypress Texas 77429
Rock Quarry Middle School Middle 2000 Rock Quarry Dr. Tuscaloosa Alabama 35406
Rockport-Fulton High School High 1801 Omohundro Street Rockport Texas 78382
Rockport-Fulton Middle School Middle 1701 Colorado Street Rockport Texas 78382
Rogers Elementary School Elementary 3121 Manvel Rd. Pearland Texas 77584
Rogers M.S. Middle 314 Galway St San Antonio Texas 78223
Roosevelt Elementary Elementary 1202 W Easton St Tulsa Oklahoma 74127
Roosevelt Elementary School Elementary 4250 W Tecumseh Rd Norman Oklahoma 73072
Roselawn Elementary School Elementary 600 North Roselawn Ave Artesia New Mexico 88210
Ross Elementary School Elementary 4600 N Everglade Ave Odessa Texas 79762
Rudder M.S. Middle 6558 Horn Blvd San Antonio Texas 78240
Runge Elementary School Elementary 600 Reiffert Runge Texas 78151
Runge High School High 600 Reiffert Runge Texas 78151
Rusk Elementary School Elementary 2601 Wedgewood St Midland Texas 79707
Saegert Middle School Middle 1539 Joe Carrillo Street Seguin Texas 78155
Saltillo Elementary School Elementary 150 Co. Rd 3534 Saltillo Texas 75478
Sam Houston Elementary School Elementary 300 E 37th St Odessa Texas 79762
Sam Houston Elementary School Elementary 2500 Grant Street Wichita Falls Texas 76309
Sam Houston Elementary School Elementary 2000 W Louisiana Ave Midland Texas 79701
San Antonio Acedemy Private 117 E French Place San Antonio Texas 78212
San Pedro Elementary Elementary 800 W Ave D Robstown Texas 78380
Sanders Elementary Elementary 4102 Republic Corpus Christi Texas 78413
Santa Gertrudis Elementary School Elementary Hwy 141 King Ranch Kingsville Texas 78364
Santa Rita Elementary School Elementary 5306 Whitman St Midland Texas 79705
Santon-Smith Elementary School Elementary 500 Zavala Trl Whitehouse Texas 75791
Sapulpa Junior High School Middle 7 S Mission St Sapulpa Oklahoma 74066
Sapulpa Middle School Middle 1304 E Cleveland Ave Sapulpa Oklahoma 74066
Schanen Elementary Elementary 5717 Killarmet Corpus Christi Texas 78413
Scharbauer Elementary School Elementary 2115 Hereford Blvd. Midland Texas 79707
School of Science and Technology Charter 4737 South Saratoga Blvd. Corpus Christi Texas 78413
Sci-Port - Louisiana's Science Center Museum 820 Clyde Fant Parkway Shreveport Louisiana 71101
Scotland Park Elementary School Elementary 1415 N. 5th Street Wichita Falls Texas 76306
Seashore Elementary Learning Center Charter 14493 SPID Suite A Corpus Christi Texas 78418
Seashore Middle Academy Charter 14493 SPID Suite A Corpus Christi Texas 78418
Seminole Middle School Middle 1001 Carson Dr. Seminole Oklahoma 74868
Seymour High School High 500 Stadium Dr Seymour Texas 76380
Shaw Elementary Elementary 2920 Soledad Corpus Christi Texas 78405
Sheppard AFB Elementary School Elementary 301 Anderson Wichita Falls Texas 76311
Shiner Elementary School Elementary 510 CR 348 Shiner Texas 77984
Shumla School Private 117 Sanderson St Comstock Texas 78837
Sierra Middle School Middle 1700 Spruce Ave. Las Cruces New Mexico 88001
Sierra Middle School Middle 615 South Sycamore Ave Roswell New Mexico 88201
Sinton High School High 400 N. Pirate Blvd. Sinton Texas 78387
Smith Elementary School Elementary 6902 Williams Corpus Christi Texas 78412
Smith Elementary School Elementary 5299 Gus Thomasson Rd Mesquite Texas 75150
Smithson Valley M.S. Middle 6101 FM 311 Spring Branch Texas 78070
Smithson Valley Middle School Middle 6101 Fm 311 Spring Branch Texas 78070
Snyder Elementary School Elementary 3601 El Paso Ave Snyder Texas 79549
Solomon Coles High School & ECSC High 924 Winnebago Street Corpus Christi Texas 78401
Solomon P Ortiz Int. Private 208 East Ave H Robstown Texas 78380
South Elementary School Elementary 200 W. Dakota Ave. Midland Texas 79701
South Elementary School Elementary 1001 West Elliott Breckenridge Texas 76424
South Elementary School Elementary 1301 Linda Dr Daingerfield Texas 75638
South Louisiana Community College College 320 Devalcourt Lafayette Louisiana 70506
South Park Middle School Middle 3001 McArdle Corpus Christi Texas 78415
South Ward Elementary Elementary 1011 South Mobberly Avenue Longview Texas 75602
Southern Hills Elementary School Elementary 3920 Armory Road Wichita Falls Texas 76302
SouthWest Elementary School Elementary 1208 17th st Chickasha Oklahoma 73018
Spanish Springs High High 1065 Eagle Canyon Sparks Nevada 89436
Sparks Middle School Middle 2275 18th St Sparks Nevada 89431
Spears Elementary Elementary 8500 Wade Blvd Frisco Texas 75034
Spring Branch M.S. Middle 21053 Hwy 46 West Spring Branch Texas 78070
Spring Branch Middle School Middle 21053 Hwy 46 West Spring Branch Texas 78070
Springhill Junior/Senior High School High 507 West Church Street Springhill Louisiana 71075
SS. Cyril & Methodius School Private 5002 Kostoryz Rd. Corpus Christi Texas 78415
St Alphonsus School Private 13940 Greenwell Springs Rd Greenwell Springs Louisiana 70739
St Benedict Private 4547 Lord Rd San Antonio Texas 78220
St Cecilia Private 118 Lowell San Antonio Texas 78210
St Leo the Great Private 119 Ocatvia Place San Antonio Texas 78214
St Margaret Mary Private 1202 Fair Ave San Antonio Texas 78223
St Martin's Episcopal Church Private 2216 Metairie Road Metairie Louisiana 70001
St Paul Catholic School Private 307 John Adams San Antonio Texas 78228
St Philips Episcopal School Private 105 North Adams Street Beeville TX 78102
St Phillip of Jesus Private 134 E Lambert San Antonio Texas 78204
St. Ann's Catholic School Private 1906 W Texas Midland Texas 79701
St. Anthony M.S. Private 205 Huisache Ave San Antonio Texas 78212
St. Bernard School Private 251 E. Bridge Street Breaux Bridge Louisiana 70517
St. James Elementary Private 602 S. Carancahua Corpus Christi Texas 78401
St. James Intermediate Private 602 S. Carancahua Corpus Christi Texas 78401
St. Joseph's Catholic High Private 110 E Red River St Victoria Texas 77901
St. Joseph's Elementary Private 311 Dewey Ave Alice Texas 78332
St. Luke's Episcopal School Private 15 Saint Lukes Ln San Antonio Texas 78209
St. Lukes M.S. Private 15 Saint Lukes's Lane San Antonio Texas 78209
St. Mark's Cathedral School Private 2785 Fairfield Avenue Shreveport Louisiana 71104
St. Mary's Academy Private 400 N Tyler St Beeville Texas 78102
St. Mary's Academy Private 1000 Duval Ave. Alice Texas 78332
St. Mary's Hall Private 9401 Starcrest San Antonio Texas 78217
St. Patrick Private 3340 S Alameda St Corpus Christi Texas 78411
St. Peter Prince of Apostles Private 112 Marcia Place San Antonio Texas 78209
St. Pius Private 737 St. Pius Dr. Corpus Christi Texas 78412
St. Pius X Catholic School Private 7734 Robin Rest San Antonio Texas 78209
St. Thomas High School High 450 E Farrel Rd Lafayette Louisiana 70508
Stafford Middle School Middle 1625 Staffordshire Road Stafford Texas 77477
Stafford Middle School Middle 1625 Staffordshire Stafford Texas 77477
Standard Middle School Middle 1200 N Chester Ave Bakersfield California 93308
Stella Worley Middle School Middle 801 Spartan Drive Westwego Louisiana 70094
STEM Academy Private 5426 Blanco Rd. San Antonio Texas 78216
Stephen F Austin Elementary Elementary 502 N. Gregory Ave. Taft Texas 78390
Stewart Middle School Middle 2800 W Shaw St Tyler Texas 75701
Sticklin Elementary Elementary 212 W Vance St Refugio Texas 78377
Stone Oak Elementary Elementary 21045 Crescent Oak San Antonio Texas 78258
Sugar Grove Elementary Elementary 8405 Bonhomme Houston Texas 77074
Sugar Land Middle School Middle 321 Seventh St Sugar Land Texas 77498
Sweetwater Intermediate School Middle 705 E 3RD Sweetwater Texas 79556
T.M. Clark Elementary Elementary 2250 Memorial Parkway Portland Texas 78374
Tafolla M.S. Middle 1303 W Durango Blvd San Antonio Texas 78207
Taft Junior High High 727 Mc Intyre Taft Texas 78390
Taft Middle School Middle 2901 NW 23rd Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73107
TAMUCC - Dr Garrison University 6300 Ocean Drive Corpus Christi Texas 78412
TAMUCC - Dr Tissot University 6300 Ocean Drive Corpus Christi Texas 78412
Tarkington Primary School Elementary 2770 Fm 163 Cleveland Texas 77327
Taylor Junior High Middle 2739 Mustang Dr. Ingleside Texas 78362
Tejeda M.S. Middle 2909 Evans Rd San Antonio Texas 78259
Texas A&M Corpus Christi University 6300 Ocean Dr Corpus Christi Texas 78412
Texas A&M Corpus Christi 2B Placed . . . 0
Texas A&M- Kingsville University 700 University Blvd. Kingsville Texas 78363
Texas Memorial Museum at UT Museum 2400 Trinity St. Austin Texas 78705
Texas Middle School Middle 2100 College Dr Texarkana Texas 75503
Texas State Aquarium Museum 2710 N Shoreline Blvd Corpus Christi Texas 78402
The Hillander School Private 1600 W Wadley Midland Texas 79705
The Woodlands Mall Public 1201 Lake Woodlands Dr. The Woodlands Texas 77380
Thomas Elementary School Elementary 30341 Highway 424 Franklinton Louisiana 70438
Thomas Jefferson Elementary Elementary 701 E. Hayes Beeville Texas 78102
Thompson High School High 100 Warrior Dr Alabaster Alabama 35007
Tidehaven Intermediate School Elementary 2469 FM 459 ElMaton Texas 77440
Timmons Elementary School Elementary 1410 Greenwood Mooringsport Road Shreveport Louisiana 71107
TJ Austin Elementary School Elementary 1105 West Franklin Street Tyler Texas 75702
Travis Elementary School Elementary 900 E. Gist Ave. Midland Texas 79701
Travis Middle School Middle 705 N Nueces St. Port Lavaca Texas 77979
Trinity Episcopal School Private 1504 N. Moody Victoria Texas 77901
Trinity School Private 3500 W Wadley Midland Texas 79707
Trinity Valley School Private 7500 Dutch Branch Rd Fort Worth Texas 76132
Truman Elementary School Elementary 600 Parkside Road Norman Oklahoma 73072
Tuloso-Midway High School High 2653 McKinzie Corpus Christi Texas 78410
Tuloso-Midway Int. Middle 1921 Overland Trail Corpus Christi Texas 78410
Tuloso-Midway Primary School Elementary 3125 Deer St. Corpus Christi Texas 78410
Union 6th & 7th Grade Center Private 10100 E 61st St Tulsa Oklahoma 74133
Union 8th Grade Center Private 6501 S Garnett Rd Tulsa Oklahoma 74012
Union High School High 6636 S Mingo Rd Tulsa Oklahoma 74133
University of Sci & Arts of Oklahoma University 1727 W. Alabama Chickasha Oklahoma 73018
University of Tulsa Dep. of Geosciences University 600 S College Ave Tulsa Oklahoma 74104
University of West Alabama University 205 North Washington St Livingston Alabama 35470
Vandebilt Catholic Private 322 Bayou Blue Bypass Rd. Gray Louisiana 70359
Victoria College University 2200 East Red River Victoria Texas 77901
Victoria College 2B Placed . . . 0
Victoria College 2B Placed . . . 0
Vista Ridge High School High 200 S. Vista Ridge Blvd. Cedar Park Texas 78613
Vysehrad Elementary School Elementary 595 County Road 182 Hallettsville Texas 77964
W.C Andrews Elementary Elementary 1100 Lang Rd. Portland Texas 78374
Walsh Middle School Middle 3850 Walsh Ranch Boulevard Round Rock Texas 78681
Ward Elementary School Elementary 3750 Paint Brush Abilene Texas 79606
Ware Elementary Elementary 601 West Garfield Street Longview Texas 75602
Washington Elementary School Elementary 600 48th Ave Norman Oklahoma 73026
Washington Elementary School Elementary 1800 E Wall Midland Texas 79701
Washington Jackson IB World School Elementary 1300 Harding Wichita Falls Texas 76301
Washington Jr. High Middle 101 E. Kerby Washington Oklahoma 73093
Wayne Middle School Middle 212 S Seifried St. Wayne Oklahoma 73095
Webb Elementary School Elementary 6953 Boardwalk Corpus Christi Texas 78414
Weber-Hardin Elementary Elementary 602 E San Patricio Ave Mathis Texas 78368
Webster High School High 1919 W 40 St Tulsa Oklahoma 74107
Weimar Elementary School Elementary 515 W. Main Weimar Texas 78962
Welder Elementary Elementary 600 N Bowie Sinton Texas 78387
West Foundation Elementary School Elementary 5220 Lake Wellington Wichita Falls Texas 76310
West Oso Elementary Elementary 1526 Cliff Maus Corpus Christi Texas 78416
Western Heights High School High 8201 SW 44th Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73179
Westlawn Elementary School Elementary 410 Westlawn Drive Texarkana Texas 75503
Westlawn Middle School Middle 2800 Ml King Jr Blvd Tuscaloosa Alabama 35401
Westoff School Public 244 Lynch Westoff Texas 77994
White Elementary School Elementary Rt 3 #214 Pauls Valley Oklahoma 73075
White Elementary School Elementary 1708 Les Talley Drive El Lago Texas 77586
White M.S Middle 7800 Midcrown San Antonio Texas 78218
White Mountain Elementary Elementary 203 White Mountain Drive Ruidoso New Mexico 88345
Whitney Middle School Middle 2177 S 67 E Ave Tulsa Oklahoma 74105
Wichita Christian School Private 4729 Neta Lane Wichita Falls Texas 76302
WildCat Learning Center Public 611 Buddy Ganem Portland Texas 78374
Will Rogers High School High 3909 E 5th Pl Tulsa Oklahoma 74112
Will Rogers Jr High Middle 1915 North Florence Avenue Claremore Oklahoma 74017
William M Anderson Elementary Elementary 620 N St Augustine Dr Dallas Texas 75217
Wilson Elementary Elementary 3925 Fort Worth Corpus Christi Texas 78411
Wilson Elementary School Elementary 800 N Peters Ave Norman Oklahoma 73069
Wilson Intermediate School Elementary 3131 Fallbrook Drive Houston Texas 77038
Wilson Middle School Middle 1127 S Columbia Ave Tulsa Oklahoma 74104
Windsor Park Elementary Elementary 4525 S. Alameda Corpus Christi Texas 78412
Winfield Schools Public 214 N. School St. Winfield Texas 75493
Winter Park High School High 2100 Summerfield Road Winter Park Florida 32792
Wood M.S Middle 14800 Judson Road San Antonio Texas 78233
Woodlake Hills Middle School Middle 6625 Woodlake Parkway San Antonio Texas 78244
Woodlake M.S. Middle 6625 Woodlake Pkwy San Antonio Texas 78244
Woodlawn Elementary Elementary 1110 Woodlawn Corpus Christi Texas 78412
Woods Elementary School Elementary 809 Clyde Drive Tyler Texas 75701
Woodsboro Junor High School Middle 904 Locke St Woodsboro Texas 78393
Wylie Senior High School High 4502 Antilley Rd Abilene Texas 79606
Wynn Seale Middle Middle 1707 Ayers Corpus Christi Texas 78404
Xavier Educational Academy Private 6217 Edloe St. Houston TX 77005
Yale University University 210 Whitney Ave New Haven Connecticut 6511
Yaxche School Private 125 La Poste Taos New Mexico 87571
YMCA Public 417 S Upper Broadway Corpus Christi Texas 78401
Yoakum Intermediate School Elementary 208 Aubrey Street Yoakum Texas 77995
Yorktown Christian Academy Private 5025 Yorktown Blvd Corpus Christi Texas 78413
Yucca Elementary School Elementary 900 North 13th St Artesia New Mexico 88210
Zavala SES Elementary School Elementary 3102 Highland Corpus Christi Texas 78405
Zundy Leadership Academy 2B Placed 1705 Polk Wichita Falls Texas 76309
Color Legend for Participants in the Maps in Schools Project for Above Schools:
(Click on the color to show only schools from the cooresponding society/organization)
(Click on the underlined society/organization name for respective contact information and/or president's letter and picture.)
Abilene, Texas has 21 rolled maps and 1 framed map
Graph/Chart Distribution of Maps in Schools Project:

Corpus Christi Geological Society Map Presenters
How to Present Maps to Schools Guide
Bob Bennett
Barbara Beynon
Lesley Byatt
Joe Causey
Jeff Cobbs
Charlie Franck
Jon Jeppesen
     Dean Johnstone
Lou Lambiotte
Tom Fett
Matt Franey
Owen Hopkins
Smitty Leonard
Mike Lucente
     Dennis Moore
Mike O'Donnell
John Sangree
Brian Sealy
Roy Staiger
Susan Stone
Willie Vera

Companies/Foundations who donated money to Maps Project:
Ed Egger    -    3D Imaging
Dan Hughes    -    Dan A Hughes Company, LP
Dan Pedrotti    -    Dan Pedrotti Oil & Gas
Matt Franey    -    Franey Oil Operation
Gary Pearce    -    Gary B Pearce & Co. (non CCGS member)
Frank Cornish    -    Imagine Resources
Mandy Medina (Pres. San Antonio Geological Society)    -    Medina Exploration - San Antonio will give maps this year
Dan Neuberger    -    Neu Oil and Gas
Owen Hopkins    -    O.R. Hopkins, Inc.
Robert Rice    -    Robert Rice Investments, LTD
Jeff Kirby    -    Superior Crude Gathering
Jeff Cobbs    -    Texas Lone Star Petroleum
Brent Hopkins    -    Viper Exploration, LTD
Gordon Foerster    -    Vitis Research & Development Corp

Donations to the CCGS Education Projects in excess of $5,000:
C.C. Winn    -    Winn Exploration
Basil & Dale Phipps    -    Virtex
Robin Carter & family    -    Robin & Lou Carter Family Foundation (non CCGS member)
Individuals who donated money to the Maps Project:
Kevin Anderson
Ralf Andrews
Robert & Susan Barnard
David Becker
Robert & Leslie Bennett
Stephen & Derby Benning (non CCGS member)
Barbara Beynon
Randall & Dawn Bissell
Karen & Richard Bonner (non CCGS member)
Patricia Boyd (non CCGS member)
James Brewster
David Brink
Brian Calhoun
Jeffrey Cobbs
Wayne & Judith Croft
Leighton Devine
James & Caryl Devlin
Charles & Teresa Franck
Robert Graham
     Kenneth Jackson
Barbara Little (non CCGS member)
Bill & MaryBeth Maxwell
Joe McCullough
Kevin & Roslyn Meinert (non CCGS member)
Dennis Moore
Joe Mueller
Craig & Linda Mullenax
Rick & Sarah Paige
Cecil & Pat Rousseau (non CCGS member)
Scott & Kathryn Rutherford
John & Joan Sangree
Evan/Judy Schultz
Joe Smith (non CCGS member but Houson GS member)
Susan Stone
Milan & Boots Swikert
Sara Venable
Sebastian & Marian Wiedmann
Selase Wuo

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Map of All Schools that have the Geologic Map installed.
(Stars denote geological societies that are participating in the Maps in Schools project.)

Map of Corpus Christi Schools that have the Geologic Map installed.

Map of Zoomed in closeup of Corpus Christi Schools that have the Geologic Map installed.

CCGS Proclomation

USGS Geologic Maps

This map from the Corpus Christi Geological Society website has a yellow pin for each of 307 schools that have a framed map on their wall from the “Maps in Schools” project.

The Houston Geological Society has given away an additional 200 rolled maps-the CCGS did that also from 2004 to 2006, but we upgraded to framed maps because we wanted to have something permanent on the school walls ‘talking’ for us for years to come. Houston is considering going to framed maps in 2009.

This map also does not include the 650 rolled maps given to teachers that attended the “Rocks in Your Head” seminars across the country. The GCAGS funded that in 2008, but the AAPG is now taking over this program of funding Janie Schulke in her “Rocks in Your Head” schedule for 2009.

AAPG is considering funding a Youth Education Activities Committee proposal to upgrade this program by providing each school that attends the “Rocks in Your Head” seminar to get a framed map. We want to support individuals and organizations that teach teachers with ‘seeds’ of maps and bones—because a geologist will not be able to go to every school every year—we need something permanent in the schools to ‘talk’ for us. A phone call to an AAPG official would help getting this proposal started for 2009—please call Rick Fritz in Tulsa as a start.

Our goal is to “plant the seeds of geologic curiosity.”

Owen Hopkins
CoChairman Youth Education Activities Committee AAPG

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