March 2015

Spring is here. Well, not officially. The true first day of spring is March 20th, but the weather down here in Corpus Christi is spectacular. That is not the case for our friends living in the North East. My wife and I have relatives in Michigan, and I can report that Mother Nature has not been nice to them. Record low temperatures, and the word is its going to get colder. If it stays that way much longer I may have some company.

The luncheon speaker for this month is Fred Hilterman. Please join us March 11th for Fred’s talk on Seismic Attribute Analysis for the Gulf of Mexico. I have seen him speak multiple times, and it is always a treat. Very entertaining and informative. Sara Davis with Seismic Ventures has kindly agreed to sponsor the luncheon bar and Pint Night. Please come out and join us Tuesday, March 10th at 5:30 for our monthly happy hour.

Collegiate month was a huge success! I really enjoyed hearing from our local colleges, and thanks to a few dedicated society members we pulled it off without a
hitch. Thank you to Roger Steinberg (Del Mar College), Dr. Tania Anders (TAMUCC), and Dr. Mark T. Ford (TAMUK) for their time and effort putting together some wonderful presentations.

The NAPE experience this year was interesting to say the least. The range of attitudes regarding the state of our industry was astonishing. Driving home this year and reflecting on the previous 48 hours led me to one thought. The most successful people I ran into at the convention never mentioned the current commodity prices, rig rates, or storage numbers. Most of them simply asked me how I was doing. How old are your kids now? That sort of thing. Business as usual. What a great lesson.

Just a few reminders. The CCGS will be sending out nomination forms for officers via email here in the next week or so. Please be involved in the process. Also, we have a new website (same web address). Please check it out. Let me know what you think. I would love your opinions. This is your website. The CCGS is your society.

Leighton Devine
CCGS President

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