Lou Lambiotte

LouLambiotteHowI was a Pre-Med student majoring in Chemistry, then Psychology, and finally graduating with a BS in Zoology. I had 148 undergraduate hours towards a 128 hour BS degree when I took Geology I in my final year in college. And I realized I really liked it! But after five years in college, it was time for me to move on to the workforce. So I headed to Copper Mountain, Colorado, to work in the ski industry, run a ski shop, and ski every day of the season for four years. Near the end of that time, I started getting restless and noticed lots of geology jobs in the Rocky Mountain News, and I remembered how much I had enjoyed the science. I had been surrounded by mountains and mines while in Colorado; and when visiting back home in Arkansas, I found lots of old friends working in the oil industry in the Arkoma Basin. So I researched how long it would take to return to school and get an MS degree in Geology, and decided to do it. After three years spent immersed in geology courses and field trips, in teaching labs, and in a summer job at TXO Petroleum (who funded my thesis), I was hired in their Corpus Christi office for my dream job. And the rest, as they say, is oil field history.

Lou Lambiotte, Geologist

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