February 2008

TonyMoherekHappy New Year !

Our sincere thanks to Mr. Alberto Jimenez for his good talk last month titled “Geoscience Licensing in Texas“ . It was informative to learn how our state is regulating the licensing procedure and how they really need input from us to help guide and measure their requirements. Many of us have been grandfathered in as Professional Geoscientists if we applied for it but it was interesting to learn how difficult the test is for younger geoscientists even after meeting the minimum 5 years of experience. Don’t hesitate to contact Alberto if you have questions or constructive suggestions to help them formulate several ongoing policies they are in the process of implementing. He can be reached by email: http://www.tbpg.state.tx.us/ or @ 512-936-4400.

78th Annual 2008 SEG Meeting : Las Vegas , Nevada : Nov 9th – 14th

This year the SEG has chosen “Viva Las Vegas” for the 2008 SEG 78 th Annual convention. The Technical Program Committee is reminding authors to prepare their abstracts for the Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. More info is contained at the SEG website: http://meeting.seg.org/techprog/index.shtml
Dates to remember:
12 March: Online submissions open
9 April: Deadline for all abstracts

Note the SEG encourages young people to look at geophysics as a career. Teachers and students can contact SEG for more information or visit the SEG Student Connection : (http://students.seg.org/) to browse through the programs and activities that SEG offers students of all ages.

Tony Moherek
CBGS President 2007-2008

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